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One of the questions that comes up when planning any trip abroad is how much you need to know about the language. Scotland, of course, is still associated (for better and worse) with the rest of the United Kingdom, and English is spoken in all corners of the country, albeit with an accent that can […] Read More >

As I’ll repeat again and again on this site, with a few particularly offensive exceptions, there is no wrong way to visit Scotland. But there are options that will fit your particular style and priorities better or worse. One big one, maybe the biggest one when planning a trip to Scotland or frankly any other […] Read More >

This is the first in a series where I’ll be asking knowledgeable locals for inside tips on visiting Scotland. Today, I’m lucky to have Gareth from Edinburgh Expert to answer some questions about Edinburgh Castle. The castle is often listed as the number one must-see attraction in Edinburgh. Do you think this is a fair […] Read More >

There are up to 40 million people around the world who claim some degree of Scottish ancestry. Each year, thousands of these grandchildren of Scotland return to her shores, seeking to learn more about their forebears or just to see and touch a place where their ancestors lived. This is the first in a series […] Read More >

A recent study found that there are up to 40 million people around the world who claim some degree of Scottish heritage. Scotland certainly offers plenty to see and do for anyone, but for those of us who can trace our family back there, it takes on a different significance. When I first landed in […] Read More >

There are a thousand reasons to visit Scotland, but when I talk to someone who doesn’t have it on their travel list (a challenge!), the top reason they always cite is the weather, specifically the rain. It certainly does get wet, which is why it stays so green all year long. But the idea that […] Read More >

This is the first in a series of suggested itineraries for Scotland visitors here on Scotland Explained. I want these itineraries to be a helpful guide, not a set-in-stone prescription. If you want to stick to this itinerary to the last detail, that’s great – I’m confident that you’ll see some incredible sights and have […] Read More >

Every town in Scotland has its own unique charms. Dufftown, halfway up the road between Aberdeen and Inverness, has several. There are a couple of castles in the area, a few excellent golf courses, and no end of fantastic scenic views. But this quiet Moray town is known above all for one thing: whisky. The […] Read More >

My good friend and fellow European-nation-explainer Jessica Spiegel posted something over at Italy Explained that I would recommend anyone interested in travel to read. “You haven’t seen Italy until you’ve seen…” is a wonderfully ranty response to a whole genre of travel snobbery. It got me thinking. I’m not going to rehash that same point […] Read More >

It might not be one of the most recognizable names among the castles of Scotland, but whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably seen Doune Castle before. The 14th century fortress, located northwest of Stirling, has a long royal and clan history, but has more recently become something of a movie and TV star. […] Read More >