Scotland Travel Guide

So you’re considering a trip to Scotland? Well, I’m here to do two things: 1) convince you to go from planning to doing, and 2) help you put together an amazing trip, whether you have a day, a week or a month to explore. If this site was a traditional paper travel guide, this would be the table of contents, where you start looking for exactly what you need to plan, book and enjoy your own dream trip to Scotland.

Section 1: Getting to Scotland

Probably the first decision to make when planning a trip is how you want to get there. If you’re coming from a far-off country like the U.S. or China, there’s not much choice – you’re going to have to fly – but travelers from England, Wales and Ireland may have other options.

Section 2: Places in Scotland

For such a small country, Scotland contains surprising multitudes. The Highlands and islands of the north can seem like a different world from the big cities of the central belt. Deciding where to go, especially with a limited budget of time and money, can be a very tough choice.

  • Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, is a beautiful historic city overlooked by Edinburgh castle and located on the shore of the lovely Firth of Forth.
  • Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city and home to some great culture, sports, food, and one of the best live music scenes in Europe.
  • Inverness, capital of the Highlands, is a gateway to castles, golf, hiking, fishing, and everything else the vast expanse of northern Scotland has to offer.
  • Aberdeen, the beautiful Granite City, is the center of the North Sea oil industry and shopping and restaurant capital of northern Scotland.
  • Stirling is Scotland’s smallest city, but hosts some of her most important cultural and historical treasures, including the castle where Mary, Queen of Scots was crowned and William Wallace’s sword.

Many places in Scotland get their names from the Gaelic language. Learn more about Gaelic place names and start recognizing more words on your Scotland map.

Section 3: When to Visit Scotland

You can have a great trip in Scotland any time of the year, depending on what you’re most interested in seeing. Considering weather, prices, events, and more, we can help you decide when to book your trip.

Section 4: Things to Do in Scotland

Once you arrive, which of Scotland’s many gems will you choose for your limited time in the country? We’re here to help you make those tough decisions: